Drug network extradition

One of the men is escorted by police after being extradited from Dubai to face drug smuggling charges.

Story appeared in: Torch | September 19th, 2017

A PUNCHBOWL resident was among four men extradited from Dubai on Sunday night for their part in an alleged international drug and tobacco smuggling operation.
Fadi Ibrahim was granted bail for his alleged part in an international drug and tobacco smuggling operation when he appeared in court on Monday. He was one of four men arrested in Dubai on August 8 for their alleged involvement in international criminal syndicates.
Ibrahim and his younger brother, Michael Ibrahim, 39, were arrested in Dubai and arrived in Sydney on Sunday night after being extradited. Also returning to Sydney under police escort were Mustapha Dib, 34, from Punchbowl and Koder Jomaa, 47, arrested in a series of raids in Sydney and Dubai that resulted in 18 people being charged.
The Australian Federal Police operation, with help from NSW Police, have dismantled two interlinked crime syndicates operating across Australia, Dubai and the Netherlands, resulting in 18 arrests and the seizure of more than 1.9 tonnes of narcotics destined for Australian streets.

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