Labor, Greens dominate

Voters enjoyed the sunshine when they were out and about casting their vote in Marrickville on Saturday.

Story appeared in: Inner West Times | September 13th, 2017

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Marghanita Da Cruz has been elected for the Greens in Leichhardt Ward, while Lucille McKenna will be a Labor councillor. Vittoria Raciti will gain a jersey for the Liberals.
Darcy Byrne has been elected in the Balmain Ward for Labor, as well as Rochelle Porteous for the Greens. Labor is expected to take the third position.
In Ashfield, Tom Kiat has been elected for the Greens, while Mark Dury will be a Labor councillor. Julie Passas has been elected for the Liberals.
A huge lead for Labor's mayoral candidate Darcy Byrne in the Balmain Ward, will give the party enough votes for a sixth councillor in the Inner West. The Greens and Labor could also pick up an extra seat in Ashfield where both parties have each won over 35 per cent of first preference votes.
Determining the last two councillor positions could take until the end of the week after postal votes are counted. Councillors will be sworn in on September 26.

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