Put station underground urged

Bankstown Station will soon take on a new look.

Story appeared in: Torch | September 12th, 2017

BY not placing Bankstown's new metro station underground, and instead "future-proofing" it to allow platforms to buried at a later stage, will miss a once in a lifetime opportunity.
Canterbury Bankstown Council administrator Richard Colley says although he is encouraged that the Government has agreed to work with the council, he believes not under-grounding the station in the initial stages, will be a missed opportunity.
"We still consider the under-grounding needs to be done now, not 'future-proofing' something we believe is unlikely to occur in the future," Mr Colley said.
"This remains a once in a lifetime opportunity to reconnect the entire Bankstown CBD, and we look forward to working with the Government on this."
Minister for Transport and Infrastructure, Andrew Constance, released the design for the new station earlier this week. The design allows for the construction of potential underground platforms.
Transport for NSW, the Department of Planning and Environment and Canterbury Bankstown Council will work together to develop a master plan to improve pedestrian access and amenity through the precinct.
"Sydney Metro will be a game-changer for public transport in South-West Sydney, saving customers more than an hour in commuting time over a week, and we're always looking at ways to maximise the benefits of the project," Mr Constance said.
"If there's an opportunity to open up space and provide better access through the town centre by putting the station underground, then we're happy to look into it."
The Government will soon release the Environmental Impact Statement for the Sydenham to Bankstown section of Sydney Metro, which will provide commuters air-conditioned trains every four minutes in the peak, level access between platforms and trains, and direct connections to Barangaroo, North Sydney and Macquarie University. Sydney Metro services to Bankstown will start in 2024.

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