Heeding call to aid wildlife

Julie Fitzhardinge feeds one of her seven injured or orphaned possums.

Story appeared in: Review | September 11th, 2017

LAST Tuesday, WIRES (Wildlife Information, Rescue and Education Service) possum coordinator Kris Spasojevic went out on three calls from the public concerned about native animals in need of assistance.
She said that while their first potential rescue, at Mason Park in Homebush, was gone by the time they had arrived, the second turned out to be an adult possum sleeping comfortably on the porch of an Ashfield townhouse.
"It was okay and had found a safe place to rest for the day so we left it there and it will probably leave on its own by night-time," she said.
Then it was off to Kingsgrove to look for a distressed King Parrot, which turned out to be a rainbow lorikeet with a condition that should respond to veterinary treatment.
She said that in the past month, they had taken about 20 or so possums into care, which was about normal coming into Spring.
Julie Fitzhardinge already has her hands full caring for seven injured or orphaned brush-tail and ring-tail possums.
The Lewisham resident has been a WIRES volunteer for six years and says she enjoys seeing the animals in her care get healthy enough to be released.
"It's lovely to see them progress from orphans, sometimes struggling to live, and then to see them robust and jumping about the way possums do," she said.
"I feel sorry for them trying to survive in Sydney, there is so much loss of habitat, as well as foxes, cats, dogs and so much traffic and pollution."
She says more can be done to help native wildlife survive and thrive, including having councils grow more native trees on verges and in parks, and not to excessively prune trees under powerlines.
"It would also be good to let WIRES know when they are trimming trees so volunteers can be on hand to look after dislodged nests and animals."
Information on what to do if you think a bird, reptile or native animal needs help is available at wires.org.au.

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