Sweeten up family with serve of delicious treat

At Medina Sweets, you can satisfy your craving for something delicious, seven days a week from 8am to 11pm.

Story appeared in: Review | September 1st, 2017

THERE is an age-old tradition of warm hospitality that exists in Lebanese culture.
Lebanese hosts will never believe you don't have just a bit more room for something utterly delicious that's been prepared with love.
Lebanese desserts are pure artwork, as a visit to Medina Sweets in Guildford, will attest – you can't go past the deliciously rich Turkish Delight or the chocolate bombonieres and there are so many variations of filo pastry, combined with nuts and syrup as well as creamy sweets filled with a clotted cream called ashta plus melting shortbread sometimes filled with a date paste or nuts, amazing cakes and much more.
A family business operated by husband and wife team Mohamad and Rayan, Medina Sweets is driven by a passion for perfection.
"My husband worked in the field of creating beautiful sweets, cakes and desserts for over 10 years in Lebanon and when he came here, there was nothing available that was similar to our traditional sweets so we decided to open Medina Sweets," Rayan explained.
"We are open seven days from 8am to 11pm and we have customers from when we open to when we close.
"They just can't get enough of our products. Most people come in to pick up treats to take home to their families.
"Everyone who comes for the first time and tries something, says 'wow, I haven't tasted anything like this before, it is so good' so that makes us very happy."
Rayan says their sweets and desserts are also in demand for functions.
"We are happy to cater for all kinds of parties and celebrations."

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