Concert highlights tales of cultural fusion, birth

'Balthazar' will perform at the 7th annual Sydney Sacred Music Festival.

Story appeared in: Review | August 28th, 2017

THE 7th annual Sydney Sacred Music Festival will present the concert 'Balthazar' at Riverside Theatres on September 2.
Inspired by Afro-Uruguayan culture, 'Balthazar' explores themes of migration and the fusion of cultures – stories of cultural survival, integration and the birth of new communal awareness.
To do so, the production combines elements of theatre, music, dance and the UNESCO recognised drumming art form of 'Candombe'.
Established in 2011, the Sydney Sacred Music Festival creates new music, theatre and art with diverse communities, providing unique cultural content for local audiences.
Festival director, Richard PetkovicI said: "When audiences see Balthazar, they can expect amazing dance, Uruguayan drumming and beautiful visuals coming together to tell a timeless story of the journey of the sacred through the cultures of Latin America.
"Balthazar is an important show in the Sydney Sacred Music Festival because it represents what we are about as a nation. These amazing cultures and traditions showcasing the vibrant nature and skills hidden in our suburbs. The suburbs are the breeding ground for Australia's cultural innovation! We are creating new work that can be exported around me the world.
"The music to this show is phenomenal! A great mix of African rhythms with electronic beats all blending with the silence to bring a sacred feeling to the audience."
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