Group fights to get circus animal ban

Protesters outside of Stardust Circus on the Hume Highway at Bass Hill on Sunday.

Story appeared in: Torch | August 15th, 2017

OVER 30 protesters outside of Stardust Circus on the Hume Highway at Bass Hill on Sunday, were buoyed by the hundreds of cars driving past, honking their horns and yelling 'good on you' in solidarity over their efforts to ban performing animals.
Along with Animal Liberation and Animals Australia, the Animal Justice Party (AJP) have organised these protests for the past three weekends to take a stand against animals having to live a circus life not by choice.
Panania resident Gail Browning said she was saddened when she saw one of the six lions, pacing up and down in his enclosure.
"This is typical behaviour of animals when stressed," Ms Browning said.
"Maybe he knew he was about to perform again in front of people in a huge marquee of bright lights, loud music and audience noise.
"The ponies were next to them in a very small, non grassed area; all the grass had been eaten since they have been there since July 28."
However, lion trainer Matt Ezekial says the animals get two bales of hay a day and are not reliant on grass.
"As to the lion pacing, that's normal if he sees something outside of the cage that he wants to play with; it doesn't mean that he is stressed," he said.
The Bill to ban animals in circuses will be tabled in Parliament in November.
To sign the petition, call the AJP on 9261 2047.

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