Takes aim at world stage

Giorgio Vasiliades, 12, who has just become the Australian champion for Field Archery in the Under 13s field division.

Story appeared in: Torch | August 14th, 2017

A DEDICATION to his sport and maturity beyond his young 12 years, has paid off big time for Earlwood's Giorgio Vasiliades who has just become the Australian champion for Field Archery.
The straight shooter has also bought home three silver and a bronze medal from the National Youth Archery Championships in Victoria and holds five state records, including Gold Champion in the Indoor Silver State Short Course.
While it is still to be confirmed by Archery Australia, it is also believed that Giorgio broke a national record at the championships - with his 26-pound recurve bow and from a distance of 30m, he beat the record by 15 points, shooting 677/720, meaning all arrows went straight into the gold bullseye.
It's a huge achievement for someone who only picked up the sport about three years ago but the blood of a champion runs through his veins - Grandfather George Vasiliades competed and came sixth at the 1972 Olympics in Munich for weight lifting and was also a Commonwealth Games gold medal winner in 1970 and 1974.
And Giorgio hopes to follow in his footsteps, taking aim at the world stage as an Olympian but for now, he is certainly thrilled with his national gold medal win.
"It was the best feeling ever; there is no better feeling," he said.
Dad Anthony believes he will achieve his dreams: "Giorgio is very dedicated and trains four to five hours a week, often doing his homework in the car on the way to Sydney Olympic Park Archers.
Rain, hail or shine, Giorgio never wants to miss a session and leading up to a competition, will train up to 16 hours a week. He is also a humble winner and a graceful loser; he's got the qualities of a champion just like his grandfather."

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