Where you should visit now if you want to keep smiling

Dr Kylie Woo from Newington Dental Care.

Story appeared in: Review | August 7th, 2017

IN the hustle and bustle of modern, life it is easy to miss things and during National Dental Health Week (August 7-13), Dr Keith from Newington Dental Care is urging people not to forget their oral health.
The theme for this year's campaign by the Australian Dental Association is 'Anytime Anywhere – Oral health for busy lives'.
"We have noticed many patients admitted they haven't been able to find time to look after their teeth and gums at home, let alone being able to regularly attend dental appointments for preventive care," Dr Keith said.
"In doing so, they are at risk of dental problems, some of which may cause debilitating discomfort."
He said information resources for keeping your teeth and gums healthy with a busy lifestyle are available from ada.org.au/Dental-Health-Week (#dentalhealthweek).
Dr Keith suggested that pre-scheduling maintenance appointments six months in advance could help to ensure that regular dental visits fit into crowded diaries.
"Often by the time you realise that you are due for a dental visit, it can end up being several months since your visit," he said.
Located above MyHealth Medical Centre, Newington Dental Care has late opening hours on Thursday evenings. Call 9748 8300 or visit newingtondental.com.au.

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