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Canterbury Bankstown administrator Richard Colley and director of planning, Scott Pedder, on Canterbury Road.

Story appeared in: Inner West Times | August 9th, 2017

HIGH density housing, clustered at locations between Hurlstone Park and Punchbowl, is a key feature of the review into development along Canterbury Road.
Canterbury Bankstown Council's review into development along one of Sydney's busiest roads, which includes 15 recommendations in the 510-page document, was approved for public exhibition and comment last week.
Under the plan, increased density residential and commercial development will be gathered at intersections into or at town centres, instead of spread along a 8.6km length of Canterbury Road.
One such location is at the intersection of Canterbury Road and Belmore Road, Campsie, where increased densities will extend into the town centres, to meet with the NSW Government's proposed Urban Renewal Corridor.
New street layouts are also proposed, focused in seven locations, refocusing development potential to areas that have better access to existing bus and train networks, parks, shops and community facilities. In some areas, infrastructure that may be lacking, such as parks, lanes and footpaths, will need to be provided by the developers. Development would be restricted or reduced in areas of the corridor that lacks suitable infrastructure.
The review was conducted by a steering committee which included the Roads and Maritime Services and Transport for NSW, and was led by the Department of Planning.
Council administrator Richard Colley ordered the review in July after mounting concern over "disorderly and inconsistent" development.
"The community's input is an important step in establishing a new vision," he said.

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