Mad hat day sparks curiosity

Watched by the White Rabbit, Year 4 student Talia Hincal embraces the spirit of Alice In Wonderland to pour out some hair.

Story appeared in: Review | July 31st, 2017

LETTING loose their curiosity, Berala Public School has launched their new Alice in Wonderland Learning Protocols with a 'mad hat' day, and principal Dr Alexandra Mandel said the student's 'unique' millinery creations had shown plenty of imagination and creativity.
"We believe that our future belongs to the curious," she said.
"We have adopted the theme of curiosity from Alice In Wonderland, wore our 'mad hats' today and engaged in a range of activities that sparked curiosity, wonder and awe.
"We are learning many lessons from Alice in Wonderland including being curious, expecting the unexpected and being optimistic that we can work things out."

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