Exhibition offers lot of hope for future

Works by artist Renee Dixson will be on exhibition the Chrissie Cotter Gallery as part of the Stories about Hope exhibition.

Story appeared in: Inner West Times | July 12th, 2017

SHINING a light on the stories of people who have sought safety in Australia the Stories about Hope exhibition will open at the Inner West Council's Chrissie Cotter Gallery today from 6pm to 8pm.
Renee Dixson, who produced the exhibition, says the experience of forced displacement "should not define someone forever".
She described the exhibition as exploring "the human dignity, identity and strength in people from refugee backgrounds through photography and short films".
"I aim to challenge false narratives of victimhood and people from a refugee background being a burden to Australian society," she said.
"To be truly welcoming as a society, we should allow people to be a part of it. No one is just a refugee, we are all people with complex histories and stories."
Humbled by the support she received, Ms Dixson said the project was the result of many collaborations.
"I was able to find amazing people like other artists, individuals and organisations who shared the same vision and supported the Stories About Hope project in various ways," she said.
"This support gives me a lot of hope for the future of not only art, but the bigger social change too."
The gallery is open Thursday to Sunday, 11am–4pm and Stories About Hope runs until Sunday, July 23.
As part of the exhibition, a workshop on '#FightRight: How to effectively support people from refugee backgrounds' will be held on Saturday, July 15, 2pm-5pm. A second workshop 'Let's Talk About Home Workshop' explores ideas of home and belonging in exile and displacement on Saturday, July 22, 2pm-5pm. Bookings and details at Eventbrite.com.au.

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