Residents, commuters fed up

State MP for Lakemba, Jihad Dib with NSW Shadow Treasurer, Ryan Park at Punchbowl Railway Station.

Story appeared in: Torch | July 11th, 2017

THE push for more commuter parking at Riverwood Railway Station, and better access for Punchbowl trains, has stepped up a notch after the 2018-19 Budget failed to deliver funding for improvements.
State MP for Lakemba Jihad Dib said he is disappointed at the continued failure of the NSW Government to provide easy access to Punchbowl Train Station, plans which he says have been sidelined due to the proposed privatised South West Sydney Metro project. Mr Dib says the government appears to be ignoring all requests and has not extended any assistance like additional bus services.
On June 21, Mr Dib questioned the NSW Parliament why further bus services cannot be provided to take the pressure off commuters who cannot access Punchbowl railway station. In early July, he was joined by the NSW Shadow Treasurer, Ryan Park to see first-hand the difficulties encountered by commuters at Punchbowl.
"Does this government seriously expect the people of Punchbowl to wait until 2024 to get easy access to their train station," Mr Dib said.
"If, like last year, this Government is not prepared to give Punchbowl Train Station ease of access, then they will need to come up with alternatives, like increasing bus services.
"Riverwood residents are fed up with their streets being full all commuters parking all day. Something needs to be done about providing additional commuter parking."
A Transport for NSW spokesman has told the Torch that all Transport Access Program projects are planned and delivered under a prioritisation framework.

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