Residents explored the revamped Auburn Park

Story appeared in: Review | July 10th, 2017

OFFICIALLY re-opened with a community day residents explored the new amenities at the revamped Auburn Park on Saturday.
A regular visitor to the park Cumberland Council's project manager for the upgrade Maheir El Mohamad grew up in North Auburn said he was proud to be involved in delivering something so close to his roots.
"It's been a surreal experience seeing the project come together. I used to live in the street behind the park so I spent a lot of hours playing in the park growing up," he said.
"The Park is really heavily used and is surrounded by unit blocks. Every morning and afternoon the Park is full of people of all ages.
"It was pretty run down before the works started and because the park services so many people who don't have much outdoor space it was really important to not only make it modern and fresh but to provide different types of spaces the community wants to use.
"There are new shelters, seating, a whole new amenities building, cricket nets, exercise equipment and landscaping that gives the park a friendly, natural atmosphere."

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