Waste windfall

Story appeared in: Review | July 10th, 2017

A WASTE windfall will see nearly 35,000 ratepayers from the former Holroyd Council Area receive a $210 refund within the next 28 days.
Following the outsourcing garbage collection services across the amalgamated Cumberland local government area, Administrator Viv May said while the waste reserve from the former Auburn Council and Woodville Ward were considered "appropriate", it was deemed that former Holroyd residents were owed in the order of $7 million from its waste reserve.
"In my view residents should share in the efficiencies that have been obtained and this money should be returned to its owners rather than provide a bloated reserve that does not comply with Office of Local Government (OLG) requirements," he said.
He said accepting the tender for waste services from the URM group would see savings of more than 25 per cent, which were significant when compared to existing service costs.
"Allowing for enhancement in services including provision of green bins in the former Holroyd area and the removal of reported dumped rubbish within one working day, the annual savings are in excess of $2.2 million," he said.
"In adopting charges and fees for 2017/2018 Council has now drawn a line under the previous garbage arrangements and a much more equitable outcome for former Holroyd residents in particular now exists."
Mr May also indicated that the Council will be releasing details for an app to allow residents to report dumped rubbish 24/7.
"Residents can look forward to a cleaner public domain."

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