Put on dancing shoes and enjoy

Award-winning duo Take Two will be performing at Petersham RSL on Saturday night.

Story appeared in: Inner West Times | July 12th, 2017

FABULOUS, free entertainment will burst onto the stage at Petersham RSL this weekend, starting with popular singer Mark Jonas on Thursday from 8pm.
Mark has over 10 years' full-time experience as a band manager, session guitarist and music producer as well as extensive experience in live music bands in Sydney.
Then from 8pm on Friday, you can go on a musical journey reflecting the songs, sounds and the styles of the biggest guitarists and song writers with Adam Gorecki.
Adam's sound is energetic and unique. His use of loop pedals and a blended tone on his acoustic guitar achieves a sound like no one else.
Head back to the club on Saturday from 8pm, to hear award-winning duo in Take Two.
Take two versatile entertainers - Kerrie who built on formal voice and piano training to tour with successful shows, and Darryl who after studying classical guitar, took to the stage as well as arranging music - and put them together, and what have you got - Take Two.
Expect to hear hits by Meatloaf, Billy Ray Cyrus, Deni Hines and many more from the solid gold seventies.
But don't put away your dancing shoes just yet as from Sunday from 2pm, another dynamic duo Twin Shock will light up the stage and transport you to another world.
For further info, call Petersham RSL on 9560 8355.

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