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Shadow Minister for Energy Adam Searle, State MP for Summer Hill Jo Haylen and NSW Opposition Leader Luke Foley met with cafe owner Moe Issa to hear about the impact high electricity prices were having on local businesses.

Story appeared in: Inner West Times | July 12th, 2017

THE State Government's budget might be in the black but family budgets are taking a hit with electricity costs jumping from July 1 along with the introduction of new tolls and increased fees and charges for a range of services.
Pledging to re-regulate electricity companies, NSW Opposition Leader Luke Foley visited Summer Hill on Thursday, meeting with Kelby's café owner Moe Issa to hear how his business is being hurt by electricity price rises.
Mr Foley said families, pensioners and small businesses were already struggling and he laid the blame on high energy costs firmly at the feet of the Liberal Government.
"Households will have to find up to an extra $320 and small businesses could be whacked an extra $915 – it's just not fair," Mr Foley said.
"A Foley Labor Government will re-regulate the electricity companies to ensure that consumers are treated fairly."
Shadow Minister for Energy Adam Searle also accused the State Government of doing everything it could to drive the price of electricity up ahead of privatisation.
"This Government even went to court to overturn the independent regulator's price cuts," he said.
Summer Hill MP Jo Haylen said slugging family-run businesses with electricity price increases was "a completely unfair move".
"The diversity and vitality of the Inner West's small businesses give our area its character," she said.
"Adding an electricity price hike to the cost of living pressures facing Inner West families is a cruel move by the Berejiklian Government."

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