Slower speeds help save lives

There has been a significant reduction in crashes causing serious injuries and deaths bwhere 40 km/h zones had been introduced.

Story appeared in: Review | July 10th, 2017

WHILE some motorists hate being slowed down it seems 40km/h zones are saving lives in high pedestrian and traffic areas.
According to figures relating to the Cumberland Local Government Area four pedestrians were killed after being hit by motor vehicles in the first six months of 2016.
Two deaths occurred in Auburn, one in Guildford and one in Pendle Hill, however none occurred in 40km/h zones.
A study by the Centre for Road Safety has found a 33 per cent reduction in crashes causing serious injuries and deaths between 2005 and 2015, where 40 km/h zones had been introduced across the State.
The evaluation looked at locations from the High Pedestrian Activity Areas Program that combines 40km/h speed zones with pedestrian infrastructure like raised crossings and other traffic calming features.
Roads, Maritime and Freight Minister Melinda Pavey said the Government are looking to expand the rollout of reduced speed zones around the state.
"The Centre for Road Safety will work with Roads and Maritime Services, focusing on locations with high pedestrian activity, especially around train stations, bus interchanges and shopping centres," she said.
"Last year saw a spike in pedestrians dying on our roads with 74 people losing their lives in NSW.
"This was 13 more deaths than in 2015 and why we need to constantly be looking at ways to keep everyone safe on our roads including incorporating more 40kmh zones."

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