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Story appeared in: Review | June 26th, 2017

EVERYONE does it their own way, but Australian bacon is best, says Australian Pork Limited (APL).
"There are so many ways to enjoy the magical meat, it can be savoury or sweet, breakfast or dessert and this week, Aussie bacon is in the spotlight," a spokesperson said.
From June 25 to July 1, it's Australian Bacon Week and the perfect opportunity to celebrate our love for Australian Bacon with one of these delicious recipes.

Candied bacon ice cream (serves 6)
Preparation time: 55 minutes l Cooking time: 12 hours

2 rashers smoked Australian middle bacon
600ml cream
1 cup milk
100g caster sugar
4 egg yolks
Pinch salt
1/4 teaspoon smoked paprika
4 rashers smoked bacon, grilled
1 cup brown sugar
1/2 cup maple syrup
Honeycomb to serve

1. Cut the rashers of smoked Australian bacon in half and place bacon in a deep heavy based saucepan.
2. Whisk together the cream, milk and caster sugar and pour over the bacon.
3. Heat the saucepan over a low heat being careful not to boil the milk approximately five minutes.
4. Allow the mixture to cool slightly and remove the bacon pieces.
5. Remove half a cup of the cream mixture and whisk together with the egg yolks. Salt and paprika.
6. Return the mixture to the saucepan and heat stirring constantly until mixture has thickened and coats the back of the spoon.
7. Remove the custard from the saucepan and cool in a bowl. Return the bacon to the bowl and cover with a piece of baking paper to prevent a skin forming.
8. Cool in the refrigerator 20 minutes.
9. While custard is cooling prepare the candied bacon. Place the grilled bacon on a tray lined with baking paper and pour the combined sugar and maple syrup. Coat the bacon well with the mixture.
10. Place the tray in a preheated oven 160C until bacon is clear and caramelised approximately 15 minutes. Remove and place bacon on a wire rack to cool.
11. Remove the custard from the refrigerator and remove the bacon pieces and discard. Turn ice cream churn on, slowly pour the ice cream into the machine.
12. Finely chop 2 of the candied bacon rashers into very small pieces and add the bacon to the ice cream churn and churn for 20 minutes.
13. Remove the ice cream from the churn and place in an airtight container freeze for 12 hours prior to serving.
14. Serve scoops of Bacon ice cream with a shard of candied bacon and top with chopped honeycomb.

Freeze the bowl of your ice cream churn 12–24 hours prior to use for best results.

Cafe style bacon and egg roll with roasted tomato and capsicum relish (Serves 4)
Preparation time: 60 minutes l Cooking time: 10 minutes

4-6 soft damper rolls, lightly toasted
10-12 rashers Australian bacon, grilled
4-6 eggs (poached or fried)
4-6 slices Swiss cheese, thinly sliced
50g baby salad leaves
1/2 cup quality mayonnaise
1kg small ripe tomatoes, halved
2 tablespoons olive oil
3 red capsicum, diced
Salt and pepper
1 onion, finely chopped
1/2 cup brown sugar
1/4 cup balsamic vinegar
1 teaspoon seeded mustard

1. To prepare the relish, place tomatoes, oil, capsicum, salt and pepper in a large bowl and toss well to coat with oil.
2. In a medium saucepan, sauté the onion with a little oil, then stir in the brown sugar, balsamic vinegar and seeded mustard. Simmer for 15 minutes.
3. Add the tomatoes and capsicum to the saucepan and simmer for a further 20 minutes, stirring frequently. Cool and use as required.
4. To prepare your egg and bacon roll, heat oil in a fry pan. Cook bacon for 2-3 minutes on each side, or until crisp. Drain on absorbent paper. Wipe out pan.
5. Heat oil in frying pan and cook eggs to your liking.
6. Spread the toasted damper roll top and bottom with the mayonnaise. Place a few salad leaves on the base, top with a slices of cheese, an egg, 2-3 rashers of bacon and finally a dollop of relish.
7. Place the lid of the roll on top and serve wrapped with grease proof paper.

The relish is also delicious if balsamic vinegar and seeded mustard is replaced with BBQ sauce prior to simmering.

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