Fifth highest spark alert

Greenacre firefighter Mohammed Haddad warns residents to ‘keep looking when cooking' after the area recorded one of the highest incidents of residential fires.

Story appeared in: Torch | June 27th, 2017

LAST year Bankstown had one of Sydney's highest number of residential fires, where a flame or heat source left unattended was the contributing cause.
Bankstown had the fifth highest number of fires, recording 100 incidents, only outdone by Blacktown and Sydney (176), Parramatta (130), and Liverpool (115), prompting a warning from emergency services for residents to be vigilant.
NSW Fire and Rescue Chief Superintendent Jeremy Fewtrell said kitchen fires accounted for 45 per cent of all residential fires, and 34 per cent of injuries throughout the state.
"Flames or heat sources being left unattended are the most common cause contributing to kitchen fires," he said.
"It can take just three minutes for a fire to take hold, but only seconds to prevent one.
"To avoid kitchen fire catastrophes, we urge people to 'keep looking when cooking'. It's a simple way to avoid losing your home or even worse, your loved ones or your own life."
Since the beginning of this year, at least 53 people have been injured in kitchen fires alone.
To help share the message, FRNSW has also developed mini-mags which are available through community hubs. The mini-mags feature five recipes from firefighters, spanning multiple cuisines.
Superintendent Fewtrell said each winter also sees a 10 per cent jump in the number of fires starting in bedrooms or lounge rooms.
"We want to remind people to be careful when using heaters and remember to keep everything in the house "a metre from the heater", he said.

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