Should we be allowed to retire at 65?

Christine Karajayli, Denise Thomas, Julie Simitsoeoulos, Lesley McDonald and Janice Whetters discuss age pension changes at Georges Hall Community Centre.

Story appeared in: Seniors | June 20th, 2017

A DISCUSSION at Georges Hall Community Centre has come to the conclusion that the Federal Government should show better flexibility when it comes to age pensioner entitlements.
Members of the Georges Hall Seniors Group, which meets Tuesday, had an impromptu meeting to discuss the Government's plan to incrementally lift the pension age to 70. Subject to legislation, the Government is proposing to progressively increase the pension age from 65 to 70 years in 2035.
Georges Hall Seniors' vice president, Denise Thomas, said she believed a system that allowed older Australians to work on a bonus system, had merit.
"An incentive should be there that allows people aged 65 to 67 to work and receive a pension without being overly penalised," Mrs Thomas said.
Christine Karajayli, from Bass Hill, said she had no problems with the pension age rising as long as the recipient was healthy enough to work to the prescribed age.
Revesby resident Julie Simitsoeoulos believes a person, particularly a man doing manual labour, should be able to receive a pension at 65. Janice Whetters, from Georges Hall, agrees.
"My husband was a truck driver and retired at 67. My son though is a roof tiler and I can't see him on the roof at 67, or 70," she said.
Lesley McDonald, also from Georges Hall, says each person is different, and should be determined on their eligibility when they reach 65.
"We're all individuals and we should be judged that way," she said.

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