Artists dig deep to create unusual ‘fools gold’ insight

Newington Armory Gallery’s ‘Mining Pyrite" exhibition curators, Nick Vickers and Cassandra Hard Laurie.

Story appeared in: Review | June 19th, 2017

EXPLORING both the successes and failures that come from pushing artistic boundaries, the free Mining Pyrite exhibition is on show at the Newington Armory Gallery until August 20.
Featuring works from 20 international and local contemporary artists, and curated by Cassandra Hard-Lawrie and Nick Vickers, the name of the exhibition comes from the mineral pyrite, which is also known as 'fools gold'.
During the past 12 years, Sydney Olympic Park Authority has supported the artistic journey of more than 170 artists through its artists-in-residence program, and Mr Vickers draws a comparison between the development of Sydney Olympic Park and that of the artist's journey.
"The constant testing and exploration of the boundaries of what does and doesn't work is the stock and trade of creativity," he said.
The Park precinct was deemed uneconomically viable after the closure of the State Abattoir in 1988, the end of the Brickworks, and even a number of failed coal mining attempts, however since then the area has become recognised as an example of sustainable urban renewal and development.
'Mining Pyrite' spans a diverse range of works including installation, sculpture, photography, multimedia, video and painting and is open weekends from 10am to 4pm and free parking is available at Blaxland Riverside Park. The Armory Gallery is located at Building 18 at Newington Armory and is accessible via Jamieson Street at Sydney Olympic Park.

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