Guiding girls after more than century

Leader Janelle Harding with members of the Yagoona Girl Guides.

Story appeared in: Torch | June 19th, 2017

FOR more than 60 years the Yagoona Girl Guides have provided a safe and practical girls-only space, which district leader, Janelle Harding says is just as relevant today as it was when the movement first started over a century ago.
"Within their local unit the girls can learn practical life skills," Mrs Harding said.
"They learn to work as part of a team and also have the opportunity to develop leadership skills in a friendly and supportive environment."
Founded in 1910, Australia became a member of the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts in 1928. It has 30,000 members including 18,000 youth members, aged five to 17.
Mrs Harding became involved when her daughter joined the Yagoona Brownies.
"I joined the parent support group. That was a bit over 25 years ago," she said.
Mrs Harding spent some years on the committee of the support group before becoming a unit helper with the Guide Unit.
"I completed my leadership training and became the district manager in 2011," she said.
Numbers at Yagoona have gone up and down over the years. Currently there are 15 members.
"These days there are a wide variety of activities on offer for children and young people to choose, so we need to make sure people know that Girl Guides is one of those options, and a very good choice for their daughters," she said.
Mrs Harding said she has found working with Yagoona Girl Guides to be rewarding.
"I have made lifelong friends and have seen many girls develop from shy seven year olds into confident young women, having a lot of fun along the way."
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