Help to save our ‘cousins’

Gail Browning.

Story appeared in: Seniors | June 21st, 2017

SNAPPING this pic of 'Mina' during her recent trip to Sumatra to check the work of The Orangutan Project (TOP) there, Panania volunteer Gail Browning reports that 93,900 acres of rain forest land has been secured in The Bukit Tigapulah ecosystem, thanks to Australian fundraising efforts.
"The $90,380 spent in central Sumatra is seeing the development of a critically important sanctuary for the 170 released orangutans who call it home, all thanks to local donations," Ms Browning said.
"But while we've taken this massive step forward, we still fell short for another 8,000 orangutans we need to give permanent protection to and prevent these gentle beings from extinction.
"This next funding goal will also protect the last remaining Sumatran tigers, elephants, leopards, sun bears and tapirs."
Ms Browning said $450,000 was needed urgently by June 30.
"We need to save these wonderful animals who are our closest cousins," she said.
"Please help us by giving your tax deductible donation now, with even just $102 allowing us to secure 25 acres of rainforest. As little as $30 will provide fresh food for one rescued orangutan at the Butik Tigapulah rescue centre for a month!"
Call Ms Browning on 0405 170 712 or email to either donate or become a volunteer.

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