Vision unveiled

Story appeared in: Torch | May 23rd, 2017

A TREE lined town square, connecting Bankstown's North and South Terraces, is a vision put forward as part of the Sydney Metro plan.
Canterbury Bankstown Council will propose to the NSW Government, transforming Bankstown's CBD as part of the South West Metro line project.
The council has prepared a formal response to the Sydney Metro Southwest Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) proposing options.
The 13.5km conversion of the Bankstown rail line between Sydenham and Bankstown to metro standards, will provide trains into the Sydney CBD every four minutes.
The Metro will be fully segregated from the existing Sydney Trains railway tracks.
The council has met with the Department of Planning, Transport for NSW and Sydney Metro regarding the metro and has proposed three options.
Option one involves creating a public square over the top of Bankstown Railway Station, connecting North and South Terrace.
Option two sees the Metro Line put underground, leaving the Sydney Trains line at its existing level. Putting the metro line underground allows for new street connections between North Terrace and South Terrace, providing two new central plazas.
Option three sees both the rail and metro lines put underground through the Bankstown CBD, freeing up additional civic space, and connecting north and south Bankstown.
The EIS will be publicly exhibited in June, with services between Chatswood, the City and Bankstown, expected to start in 2024.

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