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Auburn Public School students Umu Bah, Taman Salameh, Adem Pirbudak and Kerrar Alkhazaaly hope the new set of flashing school zone warning lights to be installed on Harrow Road, will remind drivers to slow down.

Story appeared in: Review | May 22nd, 2017

DRIVERS will have even fewer excuses for speeding through school zones with eight additional sets of flashing school zone warning lights approved for schools in Auburn, Granville, Berala and Regents Park.
Some lights have already been installed as part of the rollout to 104 schools with multiple entrances, with work on the remainder to be completed in July.
Roads Minister Melinda Pavey said the flashing lights worked.
"They make drivers slow down and keep our kids safe," she said.
Harrow Road will get two sets of extra lights, the first in Auburn between Al-Faisal College and Auburn Public School, and a second set on the corner of Clarke Street near Berala Public School.
A spokesperson for Auburn Public School, said they were pleased by the plans to upgrade safety signs on the roads leading up to the school.
"We welcome any measure that increases the safety of our students walking to and from school," she said.
Also on the list is Alice Street and South Parade at Auburn for the St John's Primary School and Trinity Catholic College senior campus; and Kingsland Road at Regents Park for Regents Park Community School, St Peter Chanel Primary School and Trinity Catholic College.
In Granville, lights will be put up on Daniel Street for Granville Public School; on Bennalong Street for Holy Trinity Primary School and Delany College; on The Trongate for Granville East Public School and Holy Family Primary School; and on Rowley Road and Excelsior Street for Granville South Creative and Performing Arts High School.

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