Drugs dim fest

Story appeared in: Review | May 15th, 2017

FESTIVAL goers are being urged to make "better choices" after 32 people were charged in relation to drug offences at the Midnight Mafia music festival held at the Sydney Showgrounds on Saturday.
Commander of the South West Region Enforcement Squad, Detective Chief Inspector Gus Viera, said he was very disappointed at the amount of people found to be in possession of drugs during the police operation.
"Clearly the message is not sinking in," he said.
"Too many people are playing Russian roulette with their lives, not only is it extremely dangerous, but you are also risking a criminal record and future employment prospects.
"Not to mention the worry and concern you are causing your family and the unknown long term effects these drugs may have on your health."
South West Region police, including officers with drug dogs, searched 207 people with nine refused entry to the venue as part of Operation Chambers.
Of those arrested, 19 people have been charged with possessing MDMA, six people have been charged with the possession of cannabis, and two people face charges for possessing GHB.
A man, 21, has been charged with supplying a prohibited drug and dealing; and three men, aged 23, 21 and 18, each to face charges of drug supply.

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