‘First-aider’ wins life-saving award

Hassan El-Sayed has been awarded with a Certificate Of Commendation at the Royal Life Saving NSW Awards.

Story appeared in: Review | May 15th, 2017

WAITING to vote in last July's Federal election at Guildford's Blaxcell Street Public School, Hassan El-Sayed heard a young woman scream for someone to help her father who had collapsed.
Identifying himself as a first-aider to the family, he checked the man and realised he wasn't breathing and had no pulse before starting Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) and trying to resuscitate the man until paramedics from Ambulance NSW arrived 15 minutes later.
The Merrylands resident has been recognised for his efforts with a Certificate Of Commendation at the Royal Life Saving NSW Awards by NSW Governor General (ret) David Hurley.
While he works in the health and safety industry, Mr El-Sayed said it was the first time he had to do CPR and had been left with a lot of mixed emotions following the incident, especially after learning that the man had passed away.
"It was very emotional, you start thinking if there was anything else you could have done," he said.
"When it happened initially there were so many people in the line and when the gentleman struck the floor a lot of people were in shock.
"Then, while it was happening, for that duration it was tunnel vision.
"You can't show too much emotion.
"His daughter, his wife were there, and they were all very emotional. You don't want to add to that.
"When I found out that I was nominated for the award I was very humbled. I do believe that any person who is capable of supporting another person when their life is in danger has a moral obligation to do it."

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