School has ball to aid cyclone victims

Using a soccer tournament, students and staff from Amity College Auburn, have raised $1,300 to support the Australian Red Cross Cyclone Debbie appeal.

Story appeared in: Review | May 15th, 2017

TOUCHED by the devastation suffered by so many families when Cyclone Debbie struck Queensland and Northern NSW earlier this year, students and staff of Amity College Auburn quite literally kicked around a few ideas before deciding how best to help.
Organising a school-wide soccer tournament, principal Serkan Iner said each student contributed generously towards the fundraising drive.
"Amity College is proud to announce that our students raised a sum of $1,300 to assist these families affected by Cyclone Debbie," he said.
"We would like thank all our students and parents for their compassionate support and generosity towards those in need."

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