Boost for park

The existing amenities building at Guildford Park will be demolished an replaced with a new building and facilities as part of a $1.7million upgrade.

Story appeared in: Review | April 13th, 2017

IN a late move, the City of Parramatta has agreed to triple its contribution to the Guildford Park Amenities Building project (pictured) which was inherited by Cumberland Council following the council mergers.
The pre-tender cost estimate for the project was calculated at $1.7million and includes the demolition of the existing amenities building, basketball court and external pathways and the construction of a new amenities building consisting of change rooms, bathroom facilities, kiosk, store rooms and associated covered pathways.
A report tabled at Cumberland's April 5 council meeting, noted Parramatta had initially agreed to provide $300,000 to the project as per their 2016/17 budget allocation.
However Cumberland's deputy general manager environment and infrastructure, Hamish McNulty, said through an arbitration process, Parramatta had subsequently increased their offer to $900,000.

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