Back at pool named in her honour

Samir and Amir Zreika enjoy the new splash pool at the aquatic centre.

Story appeared in: Review | April 13th, 2017

FORMER Olympian and Commonwealth Games gold medallist Ruth Everuss will be a special guest at a Community Open Day at the swimming pool named in her honour on Saturday, April 22.
Also present when the pool opened for the first time in 1959, Ms Everuss says she can't wait to see the revamped aquatic centre in person.
"It was a sight back then with the diving tower and new pool," she said.
"However the chlorine level was so bad on the day we all ended up in the casualty room getting something for our eyes."
Moving onto coach after the end of her swimming career, Ms Everuss worked alongside Don Talbot at the pool and said her forte was the school's program which grew to be the largest in Australia.
Still finding it hard to believe that her name is now on the pool's walls, she says her heart sank when she was asked by Talbot to work at the 25m pool in Hurstville.
"I loved Auburn too much," she said.
Cumberland Council Administrator Viv May said it was only fitting that the world class competitor and teacher would help open the new aquatic centre.
While looking forward to seeing future Olympians pursing sporting glory in the swimming lanes, Mr May said everyone was welcome at the pool.
"You don't have to be an Olympian to enjoy the new facility," he said.
"To make sure everyone from our diverse community can participate, there is also a program pool that will allow mothers and children to swim in private, separate from the main pool areas," he said.
The family friendly Open Day will run from 10am-3pm and include free entry, activities for children, swim squad demonstrations, inflatable fun, group fitness classes and giveaways. Details:

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