Invite to desex, microchip pets at a subsidised rate

The RSPCA’s Caroline Lambert and Emily Allan microchip Penelope at the Yagoona shelter.

Story appeared in: Torch | April 18th, 2017

RESIDENTS will soon be able to desex and microchip their pets at a reduced rate, thanks to a new scheme run by the council and RSPCA NSW.
The Community Animal Welfare Scheme (CAWS), which is funded under the NSW Government's Responsible Pet Ownership Grants Program, provides low-cost desexing, vaccinations and microchipping services.
RSPCA NSW Veterinarian, Dr Ann-Margret Withers, said anything that could be done to see more cats desexed, must be applauded.
"All cats that go through CAWS will also be microchipped, which allows for easy return to the owner if they stray and end up at the RSPCA Sydney Shelter or another facility, " she said.
Canterbury Bankstown Council administrator Richard Colley said almost
triple the amount of funding to run the program has been received this year, compared with last year.
"We've received more than $14,000 this year, which will go towards subsidising, desexing and microchipping dogs and cats, as well as educational and awareness campaigns targeting local pet owners," Mr Colley said.
"Every year, a number of pets are either surrendered by their owners or picked up off our local streets - placing immense pressure on local animal care facilities."
To be eligible for the program, residents must reside in the Canterbury Bankstown Council area and hold a current pension or health card.
Applications for the program are now open, with limited places available.
For more information, or to enquire about your eligibility, call 0417 223 556 during business hours, Monday to Friday.

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