Club’s ‘Last Post’ on ANZAC Day

Panania’s ‘Fibro’, which opened as the Panania Bowling Club in the 1950s, will stage their last annual Legacy fundraiser on ANZAC Day.

Story appeared in: Torch | April 19th, 2017

NEXT Tuesday, ANZAC Day, a group of elderly lawn bowlers will host their own 'Last Post' at their Panania home, affectionately known as the 'Fibro'.
Revesby Workers' Men's Lawn Bowls Club's Merv Elder says it is now certain that the Revesby Workers' Sports and Recreation Club will close its doors on June 30.
Mr Elder, 84, says the 'Fibro', which opened as the Panania Bowling Club in the 1950s, and was taken over by the Revesby Workers' about 30 years ago, will stage their last annual Legacy fundraiser on Tuesday.
"After many years, and many thousands of dollars raised for our favourite charity, our intentions are to make this last hurrah one to remember, and hopefully set a record for eternity with a big cheque for legacy," Mr Elder said.
"To do this we are urging all who have visited in the past to make a nostalgic visit for the last time, to say farewell to the old girl," he said.
Mr Elder says like many of Sydney's bowling clubs, the Fibro has struggled to survive. With less than 90 bowlers, and falling revenue, Revesby Workers' has decided to wind-up the historic business.
The charity day will start at 7am with a hot breakfast, and will continue through the day with finger food - all free after paying a small entry fee. There will be raffles in the morning with meat trays, and fruit and vegetable baskets.
At 1pm, there will be a memorial service at the club's flag pole, featuring eulogies and the Last Post at 5pm. During the evening a 'monster raffle' will take place with hundreds of prizes. It will then relocate from Homelea Avenue to a new home at Revesby Bowling Club.

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