Building up fans at show

Students from Padstow TAFE have impressed audiences at the Sydney Royal Easter Show with their rustic-themed display.

Story appeared in: Torch | April 18th, 2017

LANDSCAPE and horticulture students from Padstow TAFE college are impressing audiences with their rustic-themed display at the 2017 Sydney Royal Easter Show.
The display has been created by students of the Certificate II and III in landscaping and construction and features natural elements such as sandstone, recycled bricks and stone.
TAFE NSW Horticulture teacher Neill Hunt said the display had piqued the interest of the crowds with its use of contemporary landscaping trends and sustainable landscaping solutions.
"Landscape construction in NSW is reaching record highs and more of it is happening in people's backyards as they try and maximise their landscapes in the tight housing market," he said.
"This display gave the public an insight into the latest landscaping trends and provide inspiration and ideas for their own homes."
A great learning opportunity for students, the project took 10 days to complete and required most of the design elements to be built from scratch.
"There was a high degree of complexity involved in this display, which has challenged students to build on the foundation skills they've learnt in the classroom," said Mr Hunt.
"Our students get a great deal of satisfaction out of the process as the display was showcased in the middle of the showground where more than one million visitors are expected to pass through."
For 29 year-old student Beau Cook, the project is a significant milestone.
"I decided to enter this industry because my grandfather is a landscaper. It's something that has always been a part of my family," Mr Cook said.

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