Women get chance to thank rescuers

Story appeared in: Review | April 10th, 2017

NAOMI Martin and Kathleen Smith have a lot in common.
Both women suffered cardiac arrests at Qudos Bank Arena, and each has very good reasons to be grateful to the quick acting volunteers of the St John Ambulance Granville Combined Division.
In 2013, Naomi suffered a cardiac arrest while at a show, with St John volunteers performing CPR on her for 15 minutes and using a defibrillator to shock her heart four times before paramedics arrived.
In gratitude, the Martin family donated a defibrillator to the volunteers, which was in turn used last year to save the life of Mrs Smith after the 89-year-old also suffered a cardiac arrest while celebrating her great-granddaughter's birthday at a show at Qudos.
Superintendent Isabelle Moutia said the women were introduced to each other at a special event last month, and also met some of the St John volunteers involved in each incident.
"The chance to see the patients we look after in such circumstances is fantastic for us, we don't get very often a follow up so having the opportunity to see the difference that we, as St John volunteers, do, reinforces the hard work we put in," she said.
Continuing to pay her good fortune forward, in her own gesture of goodwill, Mrs Smith has also donated $4,400 to St John Ambulance, which is a self-funded charitable organisation, dedicated to helping people in sickness, distress, suffering or danger.
For information about St John Ambulance, call 1300 360 455 or visit stjohnnsw.com.au.

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