Battered tree blocks road

Story appeared in: Torch | March 14th, 2017

AN elderly Punchbowl man was awakened last Thursday night by what he called "a hell of a crash" when an 18m tree came toppling down in his front yard.
Barry Stansfield, 81, said the huge Eucalypt tree, which he planted decades ago, fell to the ground about 11.30pm.
"They told me it would only grow to nine feet (2.7m)," he said. "The problem was that it got a lean on it over the years, and with all this rain, it weakened the ground, and down she came."
Mr Stansfield, who has lived in Lancaster Avenue for 60 years, said he was thankful the tree didn't fall in the opposite direction onto his house.
"Luckily it feel across my driveway and onto the footpath and road," he said.
"It blocked part of the road for more than three hours, while the SES cleaned it up."
Mr Stansfield said the tree caused limited damage, scratching a car parked in his street.
The Bureau of Meteorology has forecast more wild and wet weather with Sydney expected to get heavy showers, between 25 and 45m, with rain clearing on Saturday.

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