Art teacher one of six invited to Asia

East Hills Boys High School teacher Danica Firulovic is one of the few Sydney artists currently working in the unusual "white-on-white" abstract style of oil painting.

Story appeared in: Torch | March 14th, 2017

CONTRARY to the description, be assured Danica Firulovic's art offers more than gazing into a blank canvas.
The East Hills Boys High School teacher is one of the few Sydney artists currently working in the unusual "white-on-white" abstract style of oil painting.
Following her successful solo show at Chippendale's Galerie pompom in January, Ms Firulovic's work will be in an exhibition this month, titled 'Eternal' at The Cat Street Gallery in Hong Kong, alongside six other Australian female abstract artists.
"It was very exciting to be invited to be part of the exhibition and to have my work on display among such a talented group of women," Ms Firulovic said.
The English teacher's artistic practice has been guided by an interest in the emotion evoked by the predominance of white, expressed primarily through her white-on-white, non-objective, oil paintings.
"I like the challenges of using just one colour, or in this instance, the simplicity of white when painting," she says.
"I like the restrictions it presents me with."
Ms Firulovic's canvases are not what the description would suggest and offer the eye different "flat layers" of various shades of white shapes, painted with oils on canvas.
"I've always been fascinated with minimalism and this style I think, takes it to another level," she added.
In 2015, Ms Firulovic had her first solo exhibition, 'White on White', at Factory 49.
Since then she has had a further two solo exhibitions, exhibited in numerous group shows and has been a finalist in the Chippendale New World Art Prize and the Blacktown City Art Prize.
Ms Firulovic, who studied art at the University of NSW, is researching and writing her major paper, 'Fakes and Frauds: The impact of art fraud in Australia and how it can be minimised'.
She leaves for Hong Kong this week.

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