Dog injured in illegal rabbit trap

Local contractor Troy Nikiforidis with Picnic Point’s Debra Green and pet ’Mystique’ who was lucky not to sustain permanent injury on Monday after her front paws were caught in rabbit traps.

Story appeared in: Torch | March 7th, 2017

PICNIC Point resident Debra Green has always looked forward to walking her dog, 'Mystique', a 12-month-old Border Collie, along the path from Carinya Road leading down to the boardwalk.
"Mystique is always so happy to go there and frolic around in the bushes," Mrs Green said.
But that all changed about 7.45am on Monday morning.
"She ran behind some bushes and then I heard her making this dreadful sound like she was being killed and I thought, she must be being attacked by other dogs.
"I was shocked when I saw what had happened.
"She had stepped on rabbit traps and both her front paws were caught in two of them.
"It was so upsetting and I don't know what I would have done only some kind council contractors heard the commotion and came and helped me free her.
"Luckily when the traps were removed, I saw that the traps hadn't snapped her paws as I first thought but she is badly injured."
Mrs Green immediately phoned the council and when she returned to the scene with them only an hour later, noticed that the traps had been removed before anyone had a chance to take a photo.
"It's a really disgusting thing to do," she said.
"Just on Sunday, there were young scouts here working in the area for Clean Up Australia Day. It could have been one of them that stepped on the traps."
According to the council, this incident falls under the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act which comes under the jurisdiction of the RSPCA and Police and for an individual, carries a fine of $5,500 per trap and six months' imprisonment.
If anyone has any information about who put the traps there, or later removed them, they should call Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

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