Horrified at thought of no car

Silvana Gruber, 82, says she would be lost without her car.

Story appeared in: Seniors | March 22nd, 2017

WHILE happy to have her annual medical that includes eye and reflex tests to gauge her driving fitness, Bankstown resident Silvana Gruber, 82, is horrified at the thought of not being able to drive anymore because of a perceived 'age' constraint.
"I use my car everyday and would be lost without it," she says.
"I go to dance classes, teach a creative writing course, give presentations and have to cart my shopping.
"Without my licence my life would not be the same and I am certainly against any plan to cancel licences of people because they have reached say 85, 90 or beyond.
"The statistics might show that a lot of seniors are involved in accidents but I think you will find a lot of young and middle-aged people, certainly inexperienced drivers, have more."
Chester Hill resident Lyn Galvin, in her 60s, said she greatly valued her licence but once she turns 80, she would have no problem handing it in.
"I travel on public transport where ever I can anyway," she said.
"But it's handy having a car."
Picnic Point's Nick Scarcella said he thought it was fair enough to be tested more thoroughly when you hit 80.
"I think older drivers are safer; younger, inexperienced drivers are a bigger problem," he said.

• "A woman I know lost her licence not because she could not drive but because of the stress imposed by the test. I saw this woman falling into depression and helplessness. Losing her licence meant losing her independence and her sense of worth. She then needed medication, counselling and the rest … Driving tests for seniors are necessary, some accidents do occur because of them but please compare statistics. You may find that seniors are not guilty of alcohol, drugs, speeding or fatigue. Take our cars away from us and you are taking away our lives."
- Silvana Gruber

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