Visitors slithering in for summer mating

Story appeared in: Valley | November 16th, 2016

DEADLY snakes have been reported at Tempe Reserve, according to Inner West Council, with a Red bellied black snake killing a Dalmation dog on the regular off-leash walk at Waterworth Park near the Cooks River recently.
The increased snake and spider activity has prompted safety advice from NSW Ambulance paramedics.
In October, paramedics attended 28 calls for snake bites alone across NSW; an increase on September's total of 14, and higher than the 19 recorded for the same October period last year.
NSW Ambulance Inspector John Brotherhood says snakes in particular are on the move, looking for food and a mate after their winter hibernation.
"Around the home, remove piled up debris from the yard and keep lawns mowed to reduce the potential for unexpected visitors," he said.
"Check items of clothing that have been left outside before wearing them. Also, if you lift something such as a rock or log, lift it with it facing away from you."
WIRES volunteer Wendy Turnbull says the best thing people can do if they spot one is to leave it alone.
"Most snakes will move on themselves," she said. "Leave it alone don't try to contain it or kill it as that will put you at risk of being bitten.
"If however a snake doesn't move on, ring WIRES and a trained volunteer reptile handler can come and help."
She says the most common snake people are likely to see are the Red-bellied black snake or the Eastern brown, both of which are venomous but very important to the eco-system.
"They eat rats and mice mostly and without them, we would have almost a plague which could cause more health problems for humans," she explained.
If you see a snake, leave it alone, watch where it goes and report it to council on 9335 2222, call WIRES on 1300 094 737 or visit

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