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Story appeared in: Review | January 15th, 2018

NINE Alcohol-Free Zones in parts of the Auburn town centre, Lidcombe and Berala which expired in September last year, need to be renewed, with dozens more zones set to expire this year.
A report "regarding renewal and extension of alcohol-free zones" was presented to councillors at Cumberland's last meeting for 2017 after a request from councillors Tom Zreika and Ross Grove in October.
Cr Zreika said the review was of zones not only in Guildford but across the Cumberland Area.
"The report identified over 50 zones across Cumberland that required the renewal and extension of Alcohol Free Zones," he said.
Due to the different four-year cycles across the three former council areas, the approved zones have or will expire at different times.
Zones in the former Parramatta Council area will expire in mid-June this year, while a number of other zones including those affected by the recent town centre upgrade in Auburn, are set to expire in mid-July.
Councillors unanimously approved the allocation of $44,870 to fabricate and install signage for both new and existing Alcohol-Free Zones in the Auburn, Berala, Lidcombe, Granville and Guildford town centre areas, with a second stage to follow.
Designed as an early intervention measure to prevent irresponsible street drinking escalating to incidents involving serious crime, the zones are enforced by the NSW Police, with the drinking of alcohol prohibited in the signposted areas, which can include parks, public roads, footpaths and car parks.
The report also noted that preliminary consultation with Flemington, Holroyd and Rosehill Local Area Commands, indicated that the existing zones were effective and provided support for the revised or additional proposals.

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