Reaching out to addicted

Odyssey House counsellor Francesca Palazzolo says a Bankstown outreach service will extend beyond traditional rehabilitation centres, providing support to those struggling with substance abuse and addiction.

Story appeared in: Torch | January 19th, 2018

A FREE outreach counselling service, offering support for people struggling with substance abuse, has opened in central Bankstown.
Odyssey House counsellor Francesca Palazzolo says the new service extends beyond its traditional detox and rehabilitation centres, to provide additional support to those in the community who are struggling with issues related to substance abuse and addiction.
"Odyssey House has provided residential rehab and detox services for over 40 years," Ms Palazzolo said.
"Our detox and rehabilitation service has long provided hope and facilitated recovery for people who are struggling with addiction."
Ms Palazzolo said in the past 18 months, Odyssey House had begun to roll out a new phase in service delivery which was a community based service for those who were, for a variety of reasons, not able or needing to attend long term rehabilitation.
The aim of Odyssey House Community Services is to meet clients "where they are" and offer counselling, psychological support and group support for people struggling with their own or a family member's substance abuse.
"Our approach is client centred and non-judgmental," Ms Palazzolo said.
"We can help support clients with drug or mental health issues to either reduce their alcohol or drug use or quit altogether if that is their aim."
The Bankstown "outreach" site joins another operating in the Canterbury area.
"We also take referrals from other services and organisations," Ms Palazzolo said.
"Many of our referrals come from corrections, other local mental health and community services."
The service is funded by the South Western Sydney Primary Health Network.
Anyone can refer themselves by calling 1800 397 739.

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