Vital to keep close eye on your vision

Story appeared in: Review | August 7th, 2017

THE changes in blood sugar levels resulting from diabetes, can affect the lens inside your eye, especially when diabetes is uncontrolled.
Therefore it's vital to ensure you have an annual check up with leading optometrist Janis M Stein.
Janis says she is seeing more cases of diabetic retinopathy which can cause permanent loss of vision if left untreated.
"It's always important to maintain a healthy lifestyle; correct nutrition, exercise, minimal alcohol and non smoking are factors that certainly impact on visual and general health."
Janis has been in practice for over 36 years as well as being a Justice of the Peace in NSW.
It is essential for those aged over 65 to have an annual visual examination.
"I offer a complete optical service including visual examinations, prescribing contact lenses and glasses plus a referral service if clients need further treatment at an ophthalmologist," she says.
All Medicare card holders are bulk billed. The practice is located at Shop 4, 154 Woodburn Road, Berala. It is on the ground floor with no steps, plenty of parking and is easily accessible for those with disabilities, the elderly or mothers with prams.
It's open during business hours Monday to Friday and most Saturday mornings.
For further info or to make an appointment, call 9649 3675.

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