More organ donors urged

Wafa Zaim (centre) from The Muslim Women’s Association is keen to see the Arabic speaking community discuss organ and tissue donation.

Story appeared in: Torch | August 7th, 2017

A CAMPAIGN is underway to support the Arabic speaking community in having an important conversation about organ and tissue donation.
With 40 per cent of Arabic speaking people in NSW living in south western Sydney, a priority has been made to provide culturally appropriate information.
South Western Sydney Health's Tessa Bayrante says religious and cultural issues can be barriers against organ donation.
"In the DVD, families, faith leaders, community representatives and medical practitioners speak about their experiences and views on organ donation," Ms Bayrante said.
"These spokespeople have given their time to increase our community's awareness of organ donation and to eliminate myths as well as establish facts about the processes."
Ms Bayrante says there is a national disparity between the supply of transplanted organs and South Western Sydney Health hope to turn this around at a local level.
Lakemba based Muslim Women Association manager, Wafa Zaim is encouraging all people to start a conversation of organ and tissue donation.
Ms Zaim says she hopes the campaign empowers the Arabic communities to talk about organ and tissue donation, to normalise the process and in turn, give the gift of life to others.
"Organ and tissue donation saves lives," she said.
"I'm a regular blood donor, and I would encourage people to consider helping others with the gift of tissue or organs."
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