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Some of the most recent group of graduates from Barnardos Auburn’s Circle of Security parenting program.

Story appeared in: Review | June 26th, 2017

A DOZEN foster carers have completed the latest 'Circle of Security' (COS) parenting course through the Barnardos Auburn Temporary Family Care (TFC) Program and praised the way it had already impacted positively on their relationships.
Several participants, who cannot be named, also noted that the techniques they had learnt through the course, had also helped change their relationships, not only with their foster children but with their partners, family and friends.
"It has certainly helped me with other relationships and situations," one carer said.
"Everything is about 'connection and not attention'."
Another participant said the course had provided her with a "wealth of knowledge".
"It has taught me to be a better parent and more in tune with my children's needs and be able to organise their feelings," she said.
"This, in turn, not only makes my child happy but also makes me a happy and relaxed parent."
Barnardos Auburn spokesperson Anita Tong said the course was a joint venture between Kinship Care and TFC Program, and was facilitated by Seema Khare, Ankica Djuric and Alexandra Kenny.
"The program primarily highlights how all children want to feel safe and secure and this tool provides new ways of understanding children's needs and helps to develop a lasting relationship with them," Ms Tong said.
"COS is based on over five decades of attachment research developed by Kent Hoffman, Glen Cooper and Bert Powell, three of the originators of the internationally acclaimed Circle of Security.
Ms Tong said Barnardos was looking for short-term foster carers for children aged from birth to five; for more information, call 1800 663 441.

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