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Bringing people together to enjoy a cuppa for a good cause, The Hearing Clinic Bankstown hosted a fundraiser for their clients earlier this month to lift awareness and raise funds to support the Cancer Council’s Biggest Morning Tea initiative.

Story appeared in: Seniors | June 21st, 2017

STEVE looked exhausted when he came into The Hearing Clinic - Bankstown last week.
He said: "I've got this ringing in my ears. It's been there for a while but lately it's really bothering me and I have trouble getting to sleep."
This is not an uncommon complaint, according to Jacqui Winters, Senior Clinic Audiologist.
"It's called tinnitus and it can be a hissing noise, a roaring, a sound like the sea, rain on the roof or the noise of cicadas," she says.
In the past doctors would say to the patients who complained of tinnitus 'you'll just have to live with it' but today, that's not the case.
"Now there is effective, recognised Sound Therapy, provided by the Audiologist, with proven results from clients who are now sleeping well, enjoying life and managing their tinnitus.
"It's so rewarding to finally provide a therapy that is proving to be the answer to annoying tinnitus and it's changing our clients' lives."
The Hearing Clinic – Bankstown is an independent clinic and a member of the IAA. The clinic is not owned nor managed by any hearing aid manufacturer.
Visit them at Suite 1, Level 2, 56 Kitchener Parade, or call 9709 4888.

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