Protect your greatest asset

Senior Clinician at Connect Hearing Revesby, Michelle Lewis, conducts a middle ear examination.

Story appeared in: Seniors | June 20th, 2017

WHILE eyesight connects you to things, hearing connects you to people, according to Hearing Connect Revesby's Matt Small.
"It's vital to include regular hearing tests as part of your health regime," he said.
"Pensioners don't realise they are entitled to hearing services as part of their pension."
Matt says that if you are starting to misinterpret words, can't hear properly in social situations and starting to withdraw from others because you are sick of asking them to repeat themselves, then it's time to have a hearing check.
"These days the devices are like mini computers, comfortable, non intrusive and hard to detect; the perfect solution to getting you connected again and you probably won't believe what you've been missing out on."
Matt said that with one in six people having hearing loss in Australia, it is a real issue since most people wait about seven years before doing anything about.
"Then, it's usually a loved one telling them to get a check because, for instance, the volume of the TV has become unbearable," he said.
"With the NDIS coming in and with free hearing tests available, there is no excuse not to protect one of your greatest senses; glasses improve vision but they don't actually improve your sight where as the more hearing is stimulated - through a device - the stronger it becomes. Hearing loss also contributes to alzheimer's developing so make an appointment today by calling 9394 8475."

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