Rail gap fall horror

Rescue workers transport the man, 34, who lost his balance on Monday and fell onto the rail tracks at Yagoona Railway Station.

Story appeared in: Torch | April 24th, 2017

A MAN has been injured after falling between the platform and a train at Yagoona Railway Station on Monday.
Emergency services were called to the station about 6am, a police spokesman said. "A 34-year-old man man lost his balance and fell onto the tracks."
Trains were disrupted on the Bankstown line for a short time while the man was removed from between the train and the platform.
Paramedics transported the man, who suffered minor injuries, to Liverpool Hospital in a stable condition.
The Yagoona fall follows a warning from Sydney Trains to be vigilant and avoid injuries at railway stations.
"Safety is a priority for Sydney Trains and we remind customers to always keep an eye on their surroundings while travelling," a Sydney Trains spokesperson said.
While reported incidents of falling between the gap between the platform and trains, have dropped from 237 to 223 during 2015/16, the number of children injured rose from 72 to 81.
During the same period, there were 308 falls between the platform and the train at railway stations along the Bankstown line, with people injured on 95 occasions.
In 2014/15, there were three incidents where passengers fell between the train and platform gap at Bankstown Station, with people injured on two occasions. The following financial year, there were two incidents, with injuries reported on both occasions.
In 2014/15, there was one fall at Canterbury Station and four at Campsie Station, however, there were no injuries reported.
Sydney Trains chief executive Howard Collins urged train travellers, particularly parents with children, to stay alert while travelling by rail.
"Keep an eye on your children, hold their hand, take your time, don't rush, and mind the gap between the platform and the train," he said.
"If you're using a pram, keep a firm hold and always apply the brakes at the station and on the train."

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