Illegal parking danger

Chifley Avenue, Sefton, residents have had enough of drivers parking illegally and ignoring road safety measures.

Story appeared in: Torch | April 10th, 2017

SEFTON residents say urgent measures are needed to curb illegal parking in their neighbourhood.
Residents have been lobbying Canterbury Bankstown Council for months to have traffic safety improvement at the intersection of Chifley Avenue and Helen Street.
Residents' spokesman, Patrick Pham said that while they have had some success, with the council placing 'no stopping' signs in the dangerous areas, motorists continued to thumb their noses at the parking restrictions.
"It's so dangerous when cars are parked there as residents and users of Chifley Avenue have to run the gauntlet and risk getting T-boned when they turn out onto Helen Street," Mr Pham said.
"I have contacted the council on multiple occasions over many years and the best they could do was move the signs to extend the no stopping zone and send out more ranger patrols, which has proven ineffective."
Mr Pham has asked for an engineering solution to the problem, and wants concrete blisters or barriers to prevent vehicles from parking close to the Chifley Avenue and Helen Street intersection.
A council spokesperson said they were aware of the problems at the intersection, and had applied for funding under the Federal Government Blackspot 2017/18 program.
"If successful, the funding will be invested into increasing speed reduction measures along Helen Street, which includes the intersection at Chifley Avenue," the spokesperson said.
"This will include two roundabouts and four speed humps. If we are unsuccessful, the council will list these works in the future capital works program."
The spokesperson said rangers regularly patrolled the area and enforced penalties for illegal parking and would continue to monitor this area in the future.
"Those found doing the wrong thing could incur a penalty of $253," the spokesperson said.

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