Name indigenous for ‘company’

Story appeared in: Torch | April 3rd, 2017

RESIDENTS of Milperra could have instead had Etruria as their home address if the current indigenous name wasn't adopted.
The name Etruria was an Italian kingdom which made up a large part of modern Tuscany during the early 17th century, and was being considered as the name for the suburb, as was the Aboriginal word for Iguana, Jindoola, before Milperra was eventually chosen.
Milperra is an Aboriginal word meaning "company".
The name was first used for the public school and eventually adopted for the whole area.
The first inhabitants of Milperra were Aboriginal people, who enjoyed estuarine environments like Kelso Creek, which once was a huge swamp, and a source of small animals, roots, plants and insects.
Deepwater Park also allowed locals to catch fish and eels, and hunt animals nesting in trees along the banks.
The Thorn family were the first recorded European settlers in Milperra at "Heath eld" during the 1860s.
The 1891 census records Thomas Thorn as the only resident in what is modern day Milperra.
By then, the area was known as "Thorn's Bush" and "Thorns Scrub".
Subsequently, the Thorn's Estate, Georges River, was auctioned in 1913. This first estate comprised Auld Avenue, Keys Parade and Raleigh Road.
The land for the Bankstown Soldiers' Settlement was purchased on April 11, 1917, by the Commonwealth Government from the George's Hall Estate.
The intention was to provide soldiers who had returned from service during the Great War (1914-1918) with a small acreage to work a farm for a living, and to help Australian primary industry.
The Bankstown Soldiers' Settlement had only five streets - all of which are in existence today.
These were Bullecourt Avenue, Ashford Avenue, Fleurbaix Avenue (most was later absorbed into Henry Lawson Drive), Amiens Avenue and Pozieres Avenue.
Four of the streets were named after French battles in the Great War.
Ashford Avenue, however was named after W. G. Ashford, who was Minister for Lands in 1917.

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